Month: July 2015

Snappy Friday’s – The Efficiency of Blue!


So last Friday, my beloved MK6 GTI developed a check engine light.  What triggered it you may ask? Well it was a bad High Pressure Fuel Pump that caused said light to come on. (more…)

Fan Remake of Resident Evil 2. Uses Unreal Engine.


A fan by the name of Rod Lima has recreated the classic Resident Evil 2 game originally

Batman: Arkham Knight – Impressions

image Not too long ago I picked up Rocksteady’s last installment on the Batman series.  Their take on the Batman franchise has been well coveted.  I do own the games for PC on Steam, as well as having, I think, Batman: Arkham City on PS3 via their PS+.  I picked up this game for the PlayStation 4


LOL – Vayne “Refresh” With Thresh

League of Legends

League of Legends

Some days after work, my brother and I get a chance to unwind by playing League of Legends.  This game was introduced to us by my son a few years ago (I’m guessing around 2011).  To those who don’t know this game,

Weekend With Canon (A 3-Part Mini-Series) – Part “the deuce”: The images


5th Ave. looking north. Shot at F8 or something I think.

I have mentioned in the first part of this 3-part mini series that this was the first time I am using a Canon DSLR at length. So, I am really in unfamiliar territory with this in terms of how the auto focus system behaves, and how the metering system is like, etc., etc. Handling, ergonomics, and menu digging aside, I did feel somewhat at home with the taking picture part of this system.  Much like with any modern day DSLR, (more…)

Alvin’s Film Follies (Part VIII – Playing with Some “Gold”)

What an odd roll of film to discover in my son’s bedroom – Kodak Gold 200?!  I found this odd because:

  1. It is ASA 200.  I’m used to seeing and using either 100 or 400 consumer films.  I guess 100 speed doesn’t exist for consumers anymore…
  2. It is a Kodak consumer film that I don’t normally use (as you may know that I normally used Fujifilm in the past),
  3. I don’t recall buying this film for my son.
  4. It was in a 3-pack.


Bacon Flavoured Seaweed?

I got this image from here -

I got this image from here –

It’s been a while since we posted anything about bacon, and I think this is a good time to post something about bacon, sort of.

A bunch of men in white lab coats discovered that this one particular seaweed tastes like bacon when you fry it.

What?! Healthy (almost) bacon!?  Oh look a pig flying.

Seriously, this should be out in the market since yesterday, and I want 10 stat!

Read the full story here.